Check valve with anti-odour effect for sewerage systems.

The non-return valve for scuppers is an innovative system that solves various problems that exist in sanitation networks, such as sources of unpleasant odours, rodents, cockroaches, etc., making a perfect hermetic seal, even when the pit is dry.

By means of a simple installation, the non-return valve for scuppers can be connected to the existing system with great ease and speed, allowing the evacuation required by the system.


  • Eliminates odour emission to the outside, even in cases where the scupper pit is dry.
  • Prevents rodents from escaping to the surface.
  • Prevents reptiles and insects, especially cockroaches, from escaping.
  • Easy installation, no additional actions required.
  • It requires no maintenance.
  • It does not reduce the evacuation capacity.
  • Prevents mosquito growth by not requiring water for the mechanical seal.
  • Allows the valve to be installed in existing scuppers by replacing the hydraulic sealing elbow.


Made of polycarbonate plastic material and ABS through the injection system, resistant to all types of fluids and aggressive materials.


The non-return valve is designed to adapt to the most common diameters in sanitation: DN150 - DN200 and DN250 (made of ABS polycarbonate) DN315 and DN400 (made of stainless steel). In addition, through adapters and reductions it can always be coupled to larger and smaller diameters





To be connected directly to the drain tap of the pit.

For intercalating in conductions.

To be coupled to the direct outlets from drain to well.



It adapts to existing scuppers, eliminates the drawbacks of existing scuppers on the market and brings new advantages.

The new design has the mechanical and hydraulic characteristics that guarantee, by means of a "mechanical seal", that the scupper does not become a source of odours from the sewerage system and also facilitates maintenance and cleaning work.

It has in the mouth of the water outlet duct to the sewerage system a mechanism or valve with a tilting flapper that, when water reaches the scupper, opens to the duct, allowing it to pass through, but when no water passes it closes due to gravity, preventing the entry of air into the duct, as well as the exit of gases and bad smells to the outside, also serving as a closure to prevent the exit from the sewer system of rats, cockroaches or other small animals that inevitably pass through it.

With this system, the scupper, thanks to the flap, is kept closed by itself, without the need for there to be any remaining water at the bottom of the tank whose level needs to be controlled and/or maintained, as its sealing depends solely on the mechanical system.


The non-return valve is the perfect solution in areas prone to flooding, as it prevents sewage from flowing back and prevents pests, reptiles or rodents from entering the interior of the house or building. Once installed, it operates automatically allowing the flow to flow out and preventing ebb.
It is usually installed prior to registration prior to home unloading, so that it protects the indoor sanitary installation.


The non-return valve for scuppers is connected to the drainage network, inserted in the existing pipe, by means of a rubber joint of the same or different diameter, in order to cover all the possibilities without carrying out any work, avoiding the exit of odours to the homes.


For the assembly of the non-return valve, it is necessary that the pit is free of elbows or other elements, leaving free access to the drain pipe.
Once the pit is ready, the valve is prepared by applying polyurethane foam cords on the pipe side.

The assembly can be carried out directly by hand or in the case of manholes of a certain depth, the tool manufactured for this purpose is used.

The non-return valve is very easy to install in the tool. Being telescopic, the tool adapts to the different distances we can find.

The valve is then inserted into the opening in the outlet pipe of the pit.

The assembly tool has a 1.5 mt long telescopic shaft.

It also has a device for anchoring the valve to the face of the tool, adaptable to all sizes, and on the upper part it has an asphalt grip system with two fixing points that ensure its correct positioning.

The tool detaches from the valve by simply loosening the upper screw. If the assembly tool is not used, it is advisable to hold the non-return valve on the face of the pit for a few minutes until the polyurethane foam has dried.

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