Currently, there is a serious and dangerous problem in the roads of all the towns: the fixing of the logging sets at the mouth of the wells of the sewerage network, after asphalting and grading. The deficient fixing of the frames on the asphalt, cause their movement and noises by the contact of the rolling of vehicles.


With NIXMUR21's support for logging games, we offer the perfect solution to all these problems.

The clamping bracket is coupled to the well mouth, with the clamping tools mounted, remaining as a base, and then the frame is leveled and the tools are tightened thoroughly.

The frame is covered with cement mortar and asphalt, both inside and outside, leaving the building completely compact without movement or vibration.

In the case of re-roofing where the fixing bracket is already installed, the trench will be opened until the frame is completely free, the fixing tools are removed and the frame is raised, maintaining the base and the fixing tools.

The new supports are then placed to reach the required height for re-grading, the frame is placed, levelled and pressed, and then re-coated with mortar and asphalt.

If the old record is replaced by a new record, it will be replaced in the same way.

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