Internal repair connection


The "KAPA" Internal Repair Union is manufactured to solve existing problems in drinking water, sewerage and irrigation pipelines, such as degradation of pipe joints, cracks, wear and tear or boreholes.

The "Kapa" inner gasket can be used to seal connections and leaks in H.F. steel, steel and concrete, PVC, AZ GRP, PP and PE pipes.

It is designed for an internal pressure of 25bar and an external pressure of 8bar.


  • Manufacturing range from DN800 to DN2000 (for different diameters please consult us).
  • AISI 304L stainless steel rings, with closing heads.
  • Manufacture of the rings in circular and ovoid shapes.
  • Closing wedges in AISI 304L.
  • Rubber band in EPDM with pocket for housing the steel rings.
  • Rubber band width: 350mm.
  • Thickness of rubber band: 15mm.
  • 10 sealing points on the 7mm thick closures.
  • Availability of assembly tools for sale and rent.
  • Availability of assembly service.

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