Log cover protector


In sanitation networks there are two fundamental problems linked to registration games, which are as follows:

On the one hand, the deterioration suffered by the registration sets as a result of the attack of the gases and acids that originate in the collectors, mainly the hydrogen sulphide, since it is the most aggressive.

And on the other hand, the exit of bad smells as a consequence of the hermetic failure due to breakage or wear of the gasket of the registration sets.

Newly installed lid

Condition of the lid at the end of the months


The objective of this accessory is to protect the bottom part of the logging sets, solving the technical problem to avoid the degradation of the frame and the lid as a result of the problems that originate in the sanitation networks, such as material corrosion and odour leakage.

The great advantage of this accessory is that it can be installed without the need to do any work, and it can also be adapted to any type or size of well, whether it is circular, square or rectangular.

Made of anti-corrosive material joined by chemical welding. Easy assembly, disassembly and minimum weight.

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