Recirculation System End of Network

It is a system designed to force the internal recirculation of water in a pipe.

This system is installed in not excessively long branched networks, as well as in any existing "bag bottom" in distribution systems.


This system solves the problem caused in drinking water pipes when material accumulates from breakdowns and detachments from the inside of the pipe (limescale deposits) between the last connection and the plug at the end of the branch line.

These circumstances are the reason for the growth of bacteria that cannot be attacked by chlorine, either because it does not reach to perform its action or it arrives very little. All this can lead to the spread of harmful micro-organisms and the subsequent contamination of the network at a time when there is no protection.

There are also situations where the low consumption demanded in a given branch is not sufficient to renew the water inside the main pipe, so that when water is required, it is presented without chlorine, with the consequent loss of sanitary guarantee.


This is to avoid the health problem that can be caused by a "net glue" at the end of a branched pipe.

This recirculation is achieved by forcing the passage of water through a concentric pipe mounted on fittings, or into the pipes of the affected branches, thus causing a constant movement of the water distributed uniformly from the beginning to the end of the branch, producing a homogeneous distribution of chlorine and self-cleaning at the end of the network.


  • It's a static system.
  • By forcing recirculation, it allows the water temperature to be lowered in situations that require it, such as surface and/or oversized pipes.
  • It acts continuously.
  • Simple and economical installation.
  • Allows water quality to be maintained at appropriate levels.
  • Eliminates the build-up of deposits in net tails, favouring the elimination and development of bacteria in the final stretch of the pipeline.
  • Reduces turbidity at the end of the grid.
  • Water consumption is required to mount the system.





The aim of this system is to avoid the health problem that can be caused by a "net tail" at the end of a branched pipe.

This system is also installed in the hydrants of the supply networks, since it eliminates the remains that are deposited inside the pipe, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and possible blockages or lack of pressure, which would make its operation difficult in the event of use.

We have special accessories for the implementation of these systems, which fit perfectly and very easily to the hydrant.

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